Anti Doping Danmark

Anti Doping Danmark

With the “Law on the promotion of drug-free sport” which came into force on 1 January 2005, the Anti Doping Denmark (ADD) was created as an independent institution under the Ministry of Culture.

This law establishes the government and sports organizations’ role in the fight against doping in Danish sports as well as fitness and training in Denmark.

ADD must be in cooperation between the government and sports organizations combat doping and strengthen the core values ​​of both elite sport and the broad popular sport in Denmark. ADD, in cooperation with WADA and international partners create optimal framework for solving ADD’s tasks in accordance with the “Law on the promotion of drug-free sport” and international regulations.

Adds company include:
1. Doping
2. Review and Submission of doping cases
3. Information Company
4. Research – and development company concerning. doping
5. Participation in international cooperation on combating doping

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