Why You Need a Content
Management System
5 Key Reasons
Both the search engines and consumers favour dynamic websites featuring fresh and relevant content.
A content management system provides everything Web designers and marketers need to build and
maintain a professional website. This article takes a look at the five key reasons why small
businesses should use a CMS
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My Ranking?
Can Inbound Linking Hurt
The answer is simple – inbound linking cannot hurt your search ranking.
How is this known for certain? Well, for one, if inbound were to hurt your
rank, your competitors would continually link to your site from link farms.
Such a scenario is beyond your control. For this reason, Google cannot
penalize your site for any inbound linking.
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Revenue Performance Management (RPM)

Revenue Performance Management is a systematic approach to identifying and measuring what drives and impedes your company’s revenue, then pulling the right economic levers to optimize your marketing ROI and top-line growth.

CMS Implementation & Support Services

Effective implementation is also essential to getting the most out of your CMS (Content Management System) and learning how to use it efficiently. We’re committed to providing the highest level of support during each phase of the implementation process.

Demand Generation  & Lead Generation

Demand generation can help you attract and capture attention in your market. It includes conversations and activities that take place prior to a lead being assigned to a sales rep and includes lead nurturing, scoring, and measuring ROI for analysis.

Full Service Digital Marketing Technology Agency

Yen Digital is a diverse and talented team of subject matter experts and developers working together to help companies improve their revenue performance by marrying technology innovations with marketing opportunities.

Yen Digital is specialized in implementing Content Management Solution using Sitecore technologies with dedicated Onsite and Offshore Sitecore Certified Developers.

Yen Digital is an expert Drupal development company from India. We have an extensive experience in developing custom modules, integrating with third-party software and porting applications to Drupal platform.

Yen Digital has extensive experience and specializes in cloud, web and mobile software development. Our highly skilled team uses cutting edge technologies to create effective web & mobile solutions

Technical support is a vital part of the total Yen Digital's customer experience. We want you to get the most from the products that you have spent money on strategy & implementaion. We are dedicated to ensure that every issue is resolved to your satisfaction

Complete cloud application, development, migration, testing, and as well as consulting services by Yen Digital helps organizations to scale their infrastructure. We have expertise in cloud application development using Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure

Yen Digital uses the power of marketing automation to grow your small business by automating your marketing strategies . We act as an strategic partner to Plan, Architect and Execute automated marketing campaigns with Oracle Eloqua and Marketo.

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