Reshaping charter travel for digital age
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Project Overview

The demand for Air Charter is rising due to it is a fast and reliable mode of transportation for business and personal needs. Air Charter Services market has valued at US$ 26.76 Bn in 2021 and set to grow at CAGR 3.4% over the forecast period of 2021-2027.

Chirp intended to revolutionize e-commerce by creating a marketplace platform for private charter owner, brokers, and customers to have an ecosystem to offer and avail charter bookings.

Chirp was looking for a Digital Service Partner that would create the technology platform and enable their business and address the key concern of partial vacancy and unloaded return flights.

Chirp is a revolutionary e-commerce platform for private charter owners, brokers and customers to have a ecosystem to offer and avail charter bookings.
YenDigital Business Solution

YenDigital understanding the business requirements designed a user-friendly, and highly intuitive platform that had two parts one for customers and other for owners/brokers to manage their assets and business.

YenDigital created a highly intuitive platform where that helps manage not only bookings, cancelation but other host of services like catering, ground transportation, customer management etc.

Some of the design considerations for the business solution was to create a Chain of Responsibility that would enable transmission of requests along a line of handlers. The handler then can choose to process or hand over to another handler.

YenDigital Technical Solution

The Platform is built on modern architecture which leverages cloud technologies for its high availability and scalability with industry coding standard and tech stack (ASP.NET MVC, Angular 7, SQL Server, Redis, TypeScript, Rxjs)

To guarantee that all businesses that process, store, or transport credit card information maintain a safe environment, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of regulations.

The feature deigns captures -

  • Repository pattern implements separation of concerns by abstracting the logic behind data query and persistence.
  • Adapter design pattern makes it possible for items with incompatible interfaces to function together.
  • Proxy - A substitute or stand-in object can be provided for another object using the structural design pattern known as proxy. Using a proxy, you can take an action either before or after the request reaches the original object, controlling access to the original object.
  • Allows developers to manage the lifetime of objects via a DI Container. The required dependencies are constructor injected as needed and abstracts away the logic for Object construction from a Developer. The lifetime can be transient, scoped or singleton as needed by the application.

Key Benefits
  • Increase in revenue by addressing the Airplanes/Helicopters Vacancy and unloaded return flights.
  • Platform for owners and brokers of Charter/Helicopters to offer booking at affordable prices.
  • An integrated platform to address the Charter Fight eco-system with capability and flexibility to add Suppliers and Customers.
  • Adoption of cloud technology to address peak season and lean system requirements.