Reshaping Digital experiences using AI and Data
  • AI that speaks healthcare & insurance: Simplify complex processes, elevate patient care with YenDigital AI based Voice Response and Image recognition.
Project Overview

Humonics is a Technology platform based on #AI platform that responds to queries & makes systems intelligent, designed with the workflows of the Health Care and Insurance Industry.

Humonics believes the next level of the transformation in the Health & Insurance sector is the Age of Digital Humans. Intelligent, Scalable. These digital humans patiently and empathetically understand customer issues and resolves them with a smile.

Humonics was looking for a Technology partner who can help implement the envisaged platform with an Agile Methodology and good understanding of Digital full stack technology with ML/NLP.

World's first autonomous cloud contact center that ensures you never miss a customer's call.
YenDigital Business Solution

YenDigital Cloud & AI Technology Practice Leads spend considerable time with the Humonics Product & Business Team to understand the key business drivers. Based on the collaborative discussions, following key business solution was being envisaged to be created –

  • Humonics AI powered Digital Human
  • Image recognition technology for client identification and authentication
  • Streamlined handling of Incoming Support calls over IVR with minimal human intervention.
  • Lower Agent Utilization thus reducing cost.
  • Infrastructural ability to Scale volumes with negligible ramp-up time.

YenDigital Technical Solution

YenDigital aligned skills along with the customers chosen platform of MEAN to create the technology platform for Humonics on AWS cloud.

MongoDB, the feature-rich, and powerful document-based NoSQL database was used. MongoDB, in addition provides efficient and flexible storage for a variety of different types of data sets.

Python, a powerful programming language for AI/ML with Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Image, and Text analysis capability was leveraged to translate the voice call into text and directed into the dataset for creating the right workflows. Capabilities were also built in for Image uploading for Photo Identification and Authentication of caller for claim processing.

Data Privacy & Security is of utmost importance for the Healthcare and Insurance companies, especially in developed countries like America. YenDigital ensured all caller/patient records were kept confidential, as per HIPAA compliance and guidelines.

Key Benefits
  • 70% of calls related to HIPPA are successfully reached to closure directly through Humonics voice AI
  • 30% of calls related to status checking directly handled by the voice AI
  • 45% of reduction records in calls average handle time
  • 20% reduction records in OPEX cost to start with