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  • Unleash innovation, empower patients: Agile development for specialized healthcare with YenDigital Technology Implementation Services.
Project Overview

MeasurePM™, as a prominent healthcare provider specializing in ABA Management.  ABA - Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a therapy based on the science of learning and behaviour.  MeasurePM™  was having operational challenges due to limitations of their existing technology and wanted a reliable IT Technology partner to create a fresh platform for Clinical Patient Management, ABA Therapist scheduler and time management, revenue cycle management etc.  The new platform should

  • Facilitate swift and efficient delivery of services, prompting the need for a comprehensive evaluation and subsequent transformation.
  • Deliver enhanced Patient Care
  • Technology platform that can grow with the increase in patient and transaction load.
MeasurePM™, as a prominent healthcare provider specializing in ABA Management.
YenDigital Business Solution

Yendigital, recognizing the unique challenges faced by Measure PM, proposed a transformative business solution. This involved a strategic overhaul of their technology landscape, leveraging cutting-edge technologies. The objective was to lay the foundation for a forward-looking and comprehensive business strategy.

YenDigital Business Strategy team along with Measure PM core team, evolved a functional workflow that would enhance patient experience and improve operational efficiency. As part of the workflow the following key modules were created -

  • Scheduling, Calendar Management with Appoint workflow with view on timelines and measurement of therapist’s productivity.
  • Data Collection, Electronic Submissions with Claim History
  • Accounts with Ledger Balancing, Profitability Analysis & Automated Billing
  • Electronic Remittance Advisory against insurance entitlement0

YenDigital Workflow Key Feature

  • Scheduling - their integrated system simplifies client-provider matching, streamlines client relations, and ensures mistake-free appointments. Customize filters, track patterns, and link to payroll for maximum efficiency. Whether in the office or on the go, MeasurePM™  boosts practice efficiency effortlessly.
  • Calendar Views - a scheduling masterpiece designed by ABA community experts. Tailored for simplicity, it seamlessly integrates billing, claims, and unique filters for day-to-day calendaring. Enjoy comprehensive scheduling, simultaneous provider-client management, quick field re-scheduling, and an intuitive Calendar View. Effortlessly sync clients and staff, ensuring the perfect providers for each client.
  • Timeline View - Timeline View with measurement of time spent by Therapist during a defined period - MeasurePM™ revolutionizes scheduling, effortlessly ensuring the perfect provider for every client simultaneously, alleviating daily scheduling challenges. Crafted by ABA professionals for ABA professionals, our user-friendly design redefines simplicity in scheduling, authorizations, and billing, streamlining your practice. With a unique four-calendar system, scheduling becomes a breeze. Whether for single or recurring appointments, our specially designed calendar views enhance operations, allowing your schedulers to reclaim their weekends.
  • Appointment Workflow- Their Appointment Workflow Solution ensures precision by preventing appointments without assigned providers and matching clients with the perfect provider based on various criteria. With unique scheduling tools, easily track appointment statuses, client schedules, and provider availability at a glance. they've simplified tracking auth utilization, session statuses, staff availability, and more for your staff in the most seamless way possible.
  • Scheduling Rules - Key to your practice's future success will be finding the perfect provider for each client based on gender, language spoken, qualification (degree level), geography, and availability. Which is why we've built system criteria that offers unique scheduling tools designed to significantly decrease your scheduling time. Developed by ABA professionals, for ABA professionals, MeasurePM™'s team understands the frustration that comes from not being able to find management software that is flexible, customizable, and capable of successfully supervising the needs of your practice.
  • Data Collection - data management is effortless, whether at your desk or on the go. Their streamlined integrated data collection system enables quick, efficient recording, progress monitoring, and client program updates, all tailored to your company's needs. Experience intuitive, touch-of-a-finger data collection, view daily summaries and graphs, and access historical, trial-by-trial data swiftly
  • Claim History - Effortlessly monitor claim status with MeasurePM™. Crafted by ABA professionals, it provides tailored tools for instant insights. No more sifting through extensive reports – our unique views and specialized features, like Claim History and Automated Billing System, ensure a collection rate in the high 90s.
  • Electronic Submissions - Go paperless with us to eliminate billing errors and accelerate payments, preventing liquidity issues. Boost productivity with expert support, providing the tools you need for seamless billing practices. Experience efficiency with professionals who understand your business inside and out
  • Ledger Balancing - Track every dollar effortlessly with MeasurePM™ – it's like having a full-time auditor in your office! Seamlessly monitor your ledger balance, download financial info in any format. Opt for a system that boosts efficiency and profitability from day one.
  • Bottom Line and profitability analysis - MeasurePM™, crafted by experienced ABA business developers, addresses your daily challenges. Track revenues, earnings, and more with our system's simplicity for instant insights. Easily integrate with Quicken, QuickBooks, and traditional bookkeeping methods. See where every dollar goes and ensure your investments pay off – it's that simple
  • Electronic Remittance Advisory - directly import Electronic Remittance Advisories for quick insights into payment status, claim denials, and transaction details. HIPAA-compliant ERA procedures ensure secure processing. Optimize payments, resolve issues, and enhance cash flow with a proven strategy.
  • Automated Billing - Free up your time with MEASUREPM™! their automated billing system handles coding, invoicing, and more at the push of a button. Track payments, manage adjustments, and boost cash flow. Say goodbye to clearing house fees.
  • Account Management - Three goals for your practice: Build, Connect, Get Paid. MeasurePM™ RCM service streamlines the process, cutting denied claims and increasing percentages. Our customizable account management system ensures efficiency, transparency, and trust. Join others with high 90s account receivables – let MeasurePM™ prove its formula for you!
YenDigital Technical Solution
  • Comprehensive Software Upgrades: Bringing all software systems up to date to ensure compatibility and efficiency.
  • Data Integration: Developing robust protocols to integrate diverse healthcare data systems, fostering a seamlessly connected healthcare ecosystem.
  • Security Framework: Implementing advanced security measures, including encryption and access controls, to fortify the protection of sensitive patient data with HIPPA compliance.
  • Use of DevOps and Agile Methodology with weekly Scrums
Key Benefits
  • Enhanced Customer experience.
  • Accurate & Automated billing
  • Flexibility in appointment booking with the choice of therapist.
  • Automated Operations with better efficiency
  • Reporting with enhanced insights into operations
  • Data collection for future Business Analytics in the areas of Patient Behavior and Sentiment Analysis, potential to add therapy and other related services, enhance further operational efficiency.